Dengue Dilemma, Understanding and Confronting Dengue in Pakistan


  • Aleena Haqqi School of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Aqsa Shafique School of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Abdur Rehman School of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Hira Muzammal School of Medical Laboratory Technology



Dengue, Dengue Fever, Flavivirus


Dengue Virus, a mosquito-borne illness has emerged as a public health threat. In the post post-monsoon season from mid-September to the start of December, the atmospheric conditions are ideal for the dengue virus spread, leading to an upsurge in dengue infections. According to an estimate, roughly 5469 cases in Punjab alone have been reported and a total of 5088 cases from all above Pakistan to date have been reported. The dengue virus epidemic in Pakistan has been a constant healthcare concern for the past years. So, there is a need to effectively manage the spread of dengue virus. 


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