About the Journal

TSF Journal of Biology, published by TSF Nexus, is dedicated to promoting research and advancing knowledge in the field of biology. Our journal operates on a biennial frequency, providing a platform for researchers, authors, and reviewers to contribute to the advancement of biological sciences.

Key Features:

  • TSF Journal of Biology follows an open-access policy, ensuring that all published content is freely available to readers worldwide, fostering greater dissemination of research findings.
  • Our journal covers a wide range of topics within the biological sciences, including but not limited to genetics, ecology, microbiology, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology.
  • Authors retain complete ownership and copyright of their published work, allowing them to share and distribute their research findings as they see fit.
  • TSF Journal of Biology is published under the auspices of TSF Nexus, an organization dedicated to promoting research and scientific inquiry across various disciplines.
  • We are proud to be included in the LOCKSS archival systems, ensuring the long-term preservation of our content for future generations.

TSF Journal of Biology welcomes contributions from researchers worldwide and invites readers to explore the latest advancements in biological sciences through our publications.